Via Cornalia 19
20124 Milano – Italia

9 Ottobre 2015

Our member Franconi is the Author of the personal photo exhibition "They fought here!"

Our member, Alpino on leave, Alessio Franconi of Euroleges, is the Author of the personal photo exhibition "They fought here!" (Si combatteva qui!) currently on display at the prestigious Palazzo Moriggia | Risorgimento Museum until November 8th. The photo exhibition tackles, with 55 photos in black and white, the legacy of the Great War at a century by the events, accompanying the visitors on a fascinating and poignant journey from Slovenia to Lombardy, rising to the highest WWI battlefields, showing that even today are still visible tangible signs of that tragedy. In an adjacent room, organised by the Alpine Group Giulio Badeschi Milan centre’s Committee for the Centenary, the path is completed with 12 teaching roll up prepared by the A.N.A. National Center of Study, that trace the human stories of the fighters and the main stages of the conflict. There are also a number of unique importance heirlooms belonging to the Municipal Historical Collections. You can admire pieces such as the helmet and sword of the Italian Army Commander during the WWI Luigi Cadorna, the uniform of the young Gold Medal of Honour Francesco Barbieri, to whom Milano has named a Street and the aneroid compass belonged to Arturo Andreoletti (former Deputy Secretary of the City of Milan) with the dedication of the Italian Patriot Cesare Battisti. The exhibition is organised by the City of Milan, Palazzo Moriggia | Risorgimento Museum is sponsored by the European Commission, the Italian Mountain Club -Section of Milan, the National Mountain Troop Association, the Historical Society for the White War, the Government Entity for the Commemoration of the Centennial and others. The Propeller Club Port of Milan will visit the exhibition in the company of its author on the occasion of the recreation programs during the Propeller National Convention.

More information at:


Palazzo Moriggia | Museo del Risorgimento

Gruppo Alpini Milano Centro

The International Propeller Club

Port of Milan
Via Cornalia 19
20124 Milano – Italia
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