Via Cornalia 19
20124 Milano – Italia

The International Propeller Club was established in United States in the latest years of the twenties of the previous century. The founders purpose was to create a fraternal collaboration between members and to promote the developing of the American merchant navy. The Club was named referring to the main element of navigation, the propeller. In the thirties some Club’s members moved to Genoa where they established the first Italian Club section. In the years after the Second World War the Propeller Club lives a strong expansion and new Ports are established such as the Ports of Milan, Naples, Venice, Leghorn, Ravenna, Brindisi, Turin and Trieste. In 1986 the Italian members of the Club decided to better protect the Italian Merchant Navy’s interest. They established, getting divided from the American Propeller, the Association that became the actual “the International Propeller Club” with following statutory tasks:

• To promote, support and develop maritime activities with the scope to improve human and international relations;

• To promote the commerce, public relations, friendship and common aims between persons involved and interested in maritime, land and air transports;

• To support education and technical, cultural and professional updating between the members of economic and professional categories related with maritime activities, national and international transports;

• To promote people meetings and the reunion of persons whose common effort could allow to achieve the planned objectives, also through collaboration with organization having similar scopes, national or international;

• To coordinate the activities and exchanges of programs, news, information between Clubs members of The International Propeller Clubs in a view of a wider general interest.

Presently the International Propeller Club Port of Milan is involved in the organization of a wide range of activities directed to a major diffusion of the maritime, transport and logistic culture as well as directed to the developing of synergies between all the subjects involved to the purpose of improving the efficiency of “Sistema Italia”. From this perspective a new project called “MINOVA” has been created. The project involves authorities, operators and researchers with the aim of connecting in a competitive manner the Port of Genoa with its natural inland, Milan.

The international Propeller Club of Milan has also a Junior Group with the task of creating a great synergy between Juniors and Seniors allowing young professionals to get in direct contact with the living reality of the crucial field of the commercial life.

The International Propeller Club

Port of Milan
Via Cornalia 19
20124 Milano – Italia
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